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Dicentrarchus labrax

Sea bass

Because of its voracity, the sea bass is sometimes referred to as the "loup de mer" (meaning sea wolf) in French. Its scientific name, "labrax", means "voracious" in ancient Greek. It is one of the most important farmed fish in the Mediterranean region.

treatment Size Box
Whole round

400-600 g
600-800 g
800-1000 g
1-1.5 kg
1.5-2 kg
10 kg
ORIGIN: Spain, Greece, Canary Islands, Turkey, Tunisia
AVAILABILITY: year-round
  • Its purplish-white flesh is fairly oily.
  • It has a silky and firm texture. Its taste is fine, buttery.
  • Rich in vitamins B3 and B6, as well as in selenium and phosphorus.

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