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Seriola rivoliana

Longfin yellowtail (Kampachi)

Common name: Hawaiian Kampachi

Longfin yellowtail is farmed in oceanic waters off the Kona coast in Hawaii. It is a versatile fish, quite different from the wild longfin yellowtail. Its flesh is richer in natural oils, tastier and finer. A young Kampachi is distinguished by two bands centered over its eyes, which are similar to the Japanese symbol for the number 8 (“pachi” or “ハ”).

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ORIGIN: United States
AVAILABILITY: year-round
  • Its light pink, almost translucent flesh is oily.
  • It has a firm but distinctly moist texture. Its taste is rich and fresh, punctuated by a nutty aroma.
  • Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and high-quality protein. It does not contain any toxins, such as mercury.

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