Ocean trout (frozen)

Frozen Ocean troutOncorhynchus mykissOcean trout resembles salmon, with no major physical differences, and also has a similar taste. It is however distinguished by a predominantly pink iridescent band. Ocean trout is considered one of the most environmentally-safe fish to farm.Whole HOG2-3 kg20 kg3-4 kg4-5 kg5-6 kg6-7 kg7-8 kgFillets C, D1-2 lb35 lb2-3 lb3-4 lb4-5 lbChile, … Continued

Tilapia (frozen)

Frozen TilapiaOreochromis niloticusFarmed Tilapia, native to North Africa, is today one of the most popular farmed fish in the world. Very versatile, even its skin, incredibly soft, is edible. FilletsScales off, pin bones out or skin patch2-3 oz10 lb3-5 oz4-6 oz5-7 oz7-9 v9-11 ozHonduras, Costa Rica, Colombiayear-round Its peachy flesh is very lean. It has … Continued

Albacore tuna (frozen)

Frozen Albacore tunaThunnus alalungaWild albacore tuna is distinguished by the freshness of its flesh, which is smooth and lighter than other tuna species. Its frozen at sea loins are perfectly suited for sushi and sashimi.LoinsMedium20 lbLargeCanada, United Statesyear-round Fishing technique: line caught. Its peachy-white flesh is slightly dry. It has a firm texture. Its taste, … Continued

Atlantic salmon (frozen)

Frozen Atlantic salmonSalmo salarAtlantic salmon is the most commonly farmed species. It is first raised on land in freshwater tanks, then transferred to floating sea cages or net pens. Atlantic salmon in distinguished by its silver skin and small black crosses. Whole HOGPremiumStandardUtility2-4 lb4-6 lb6-8 lb8-10 lb10-12 lb12-14 lb14-16 lb16-18 lb18-20 lb20+ lb60 lbWhole HOGPremiumStandardUtility1-2 … Continued

Sablefish (frozen)

Frozen SablefishBlack codAnoplopoma fimbriaWild sablefish is also known as “black cod” because of its dark skin. Though quite versatile, it does not, however, actually belong to the cod family. Whole H&G2-3 lb50 lb3-4 lb4-5 lb5-7 lb7-9 lb10+ lbCanada, United Statesyear-round Fishing technique: line caught. Its pearly-white flesh is oilier than Atlantic cod. It has a … Continued

Patagonian toothfish

Patagonian toothfishChilean sea bassDissostichus eleginoidesWild patagonian toothfish is also known as the “chilean sea bass” and called the “white gold” of the southern seas. A rare and precious fish, its consumption is very recent and only goes back to the 1990s. Patagonian toothfish is very popular because of its unique flesh, an exceptional culinary adventure. … Continued

Nordic shrimp (frozen)

Frozen Nordic shrimpPandalus borealisNordic shrimp is smaller and tastier than other shrimp species. As it can not be farmed, wild nordic shrimp has a more refined taste and texture.PeeledCooked10 lbCanadayear-round Fishing technique: net caught. Its bright flesh is pink when cooked. It has a moist texture. Its taste is delicate, rich and slightly sweet and … Continued

Pacific white shrimp

Pacific white shrimpLitopenaeus vannameiPacific white shrimp is the most important aquaculture shrimp species. It is also known as “white shrimp” and “white-legged shrimp”. The vannamei shrimp is appreciated for its freshness and enjoys a constantly growing demand.WholeHOSOCHOSOHLSOHLEZPUDPDTOCPTOEBI8/1224 lb13/1516/2021/2526/3031/4041/5051/60Thailandyear-round Raw, its flesh is translucent grey, cooked, it turns pinkish white. It has a firm texture, almost … Continued


RockfishRougheye, Shortracker, Pacific ocean perch, YelloweyeSebastes aleutianusSebastes borealisSebastes alutusSebastes ruberrimusRockfish are deep-sea fish. Their family gather about 70 species that are difficult to distinguish once in a net, except for the Rougheye, which has a white flesh instead of pink, like all the others. Of all rockfish, fewer than 10 species are marketed. FilletsSkin on … Continued

Atlantic cod

Atlantic codGadus morhuaAtlantic cod has always been an iconic catch. Its fine flesh, free of fine bones, is particularly particularly well-regarded in cooking. As Pacific cod have a higher percentage of water, Atlantic cod are generally sold at a higher price.Whole H&G2-4 kg55 lb4-6 kg6-8 kg8-10 kg10+ kgFilletsScales off, pin bones out4-8 oz10 lb8-12 oz12-16 … Continued