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Melanogrammus aeglefinus


Haddock is a close relative of cod (Gadidae). Both fish look very similar, however haddock has a more refined taste and delicate flakes than cod. Widely used in cooking, haddock fillets are also treasured for the traditional English Fish and Chips.

treatment Size Box
Skin on or off, pin bones in or out

4-8 oz
8-12 oz
12-16 oz
16+ oz
10 lb
16+ oz 10 lb
ORIGIN: Canada, United States, Iceland, Norway
AVAILABILITY: year-round
  • Fishing technique: net caught, line caught.
  • Its spearmint-white flesh is lean. Some can be darker in color.
  • It has a flaky texture. Its taste is very mild, punctuated by salt water aromas.
  • Rich in vitamins B12, B6 and B3, as well as in selenium, phosphorus and iodine.

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