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Crassostrea virginica - gigas

Farmed Oysters

There are more than 200 oyster species farmed across the world. Only a dozen of these are commercialized. Farmed oysters represent 95% of the worldwide market. Ostrea are fairly flat, while Crassostrea are more rounded. They are generally eaten raw and enjoy an enviable position in haute cuisine.

ORIGIN: Canada, United States, France
AVAILABILITY: september to december
  • Flesh, texture and flavour vary from one species and region to the next.
  • Flat oysters are characterized by a softer flesh and a pronounced taste of iodine and salt.
  • The flesh of hollow oysters is more greenish and the texture is creamier.
  • Rich in vitamins A, B2, B12 and D, as well as in phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper and selenium.
  • More than a million tons of oysters are farmed each year.


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