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Oncorhynchus keta

Chum salmon

Chum salmon can be distinguished by its steel-blue back and black speckled silver body. Known as “Ikura”, chum salmon eggs are greatly appreciated and very popular in Japanese and European cuisine.

treatment Size Box
Whole H&G
Silver Bright
Semi Bright
Dark - Good meat color, pale
4-6 lb
6-9 lb
9+ lb
50 lb
60 lb
ORIGIN: Canada, United States
AVAILABILITY: May to October
  • Fishing technique: net caught, line caught.
  • Its orange-pink flesh retains its color when cooked and is the least oily of Pacific wild salmon.
  • It has a firm texture and a mild flavor.
  • Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and the highest in protein content of Pacific wild salmon.
  • High in demand for steaks and fillets.

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