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Salmo salar

Organic Atlantic salmon
Irish Seafood Producers Group

ISPG organic Atlantic salmon is grown by seasoned Irish producers in the middle of strong tidal currents, resulting in the aquaculture of a high-quality product: slower growing, firmer flesh and significantly lower fat levels. ISPG organic Atlantic salmon is assured of a reliable supply and consistent quality.

treatment Size Box
Whole HOG
4-5 kg
5-6 kg
6-7 kg
7-8 kg
8-9 kg
20 kg
Fillets C, D, E, F
2-3 lb
3-4 lb
4-5 lb
5-6 lb
15 kg
ORIGIN: Ireland
AVAILABILITY: year-round
  • Due to its organic method of aquaculture, its flesh may be brighter, slightly pinkish and quite oily.
  • It has a velvety but fairly firm texture. Its taste is rich and savoury.
  • Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and high-quality protein.

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