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Lampris immaculatus


Opah has a very round body. It is the only known warm-blooded fish and its round and flat body is free of bones. Its flesh appreciated for its fineness.

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ORIGIN: New Zealand
AVAILABILITY: year-round
  • Fishing technique: line caught.
  • Its oily flesh has four orange-pink hues. Its texture is fibrous and soft. The fish offers a range of aromatic and distinctive flavours, without being too powerful. The upper part of the loin, red-orange or dark pink, is creamy and ideal for sashimi. The lower part of the loin has a gradation of colours and more pronounced aromas. It is at its best toasted or smoked since it contains a higher oil content. Finally, the bright red "cheek" and pectoral areas are rich and unctuous.
  • Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and high-quality protein.

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