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Thunnus albacares

Frozen Yellowfin tuna

Wild Yellowfin tuna is highly coveted. It is also known as "Ahi", which means "fire" in Hawaiian, due to the bright color of its flesh. Eaten fresh, it is delicious in sushi and sashimi.

treatment Size Box
Whole H&G
1, 2+, 2G, 2

U-30 lb
30-39 lb
40-49 lb
50-59 lb
60+ lb
100 lb

3-5 lb
5-8 lb
100 lb
ORIGIN: worldwide
AVAILABILITY: year-round
  • Fishing technique: line caught.
  • Its translucent flesh, pink to ruby red, is very juicy.
  • It has a firm texture. Its flavor is nuanced, but strong.
  • Rich in vitamins B3, B6 and B12, as well as selenium and phosphorus.



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